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Last update: 2021.15.09



Visitors are being asked to carry with them valid proof of identity should there be spot checks to verify the name on their European COVID Certificate.


What is the European COVID Certificate that will be required to visit Chaplin’s World?

According to information available from the Swiss government, a EU COVID Certificate must be presented in digital or paper form, to verify one of three things:

•    That a visitor is fully vaccinated;

•    OR that a visitor has been tested (PCR or Antigen) and has a negative result within the last 72 hours with a PCR test and the last 48 hours with a Antigen;

•    OR for a visitor who have recovered if the COVID infection was confirmed with a positive PCR test and occurred no more than 180 days ago.


Visitors must present a EU COVID Certificate in paper or digital format, that includes a QR Code.


IMPORTANT: vaccination certificates for visitors from countries out of EU (all countries except EU / Schengen / EFTA) will not be recognized!
You must present a negative RT-PCR test of less than 72 hours or a negative antigen test of less than 48 hours.


Who needs a EU COVD Certificate to visit Chaplin’s World?
All visitors aged 16 and older will need to show a COVID Certificate (Health Pass) in order to visit Chaplin’s World. 


Where can I obtain a EU COVID certificate?
The COVID certificate is issued at the following locations:
•    Vaccination centres
•    Medical practices
•    Hospitals
•    Pharmacies
•    Test centres
•    Laboratories
•    Cantonal authorities

IMPORTANT: Please verify that you receive a valid COVID certificate with QR code. Any certificate, letter, SMS, self-test or other is not valid.


What happens if I do not present my COVID certificate?
You will not be granted access to Chaplin's World.


I want to visit Chaplin’s World with a group, is the Covid Certificate mandatory?
In accordance with the Federal Council's announcements, the Covid Certificate will be compulsory for all people from 16 years old. For a group visit, this obligation applies to everyone, group members and supervisors.


We remain available by email at or by phone at +41 (0) 822 422 422 * to answer all your questions.

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In accordance with governmental directives, exceptional health procedures have been implemented in the museum’s various enclosed spaces: the Manoir, the Studio, the Boutique and the Café.

There is no restriction of people to visit the museum but you must respect the safety distances and the wearing of the obligatory mask.


You will be able to buy tickets in person, but we strongly advise reserving your tickets through our online ticket shop in oder to guarantee access to the museum.


In order to guarantee the safety of visitors and staff, Chaplin’s World has been completely reorganised:

  • Full cleaning and disinfection plan for the whole museum
  • Masks worn by staff when in contact with visitors
  • Installation of plexiglass screens at the cash desk in the Boutique
  • Physical distancing of 1.5m
  • Hand sanitiser dispensers at a number of locations throughout the visit
  • Designation of a dedicated COVID-19 contact person
  • Offer of contactless payment as a solution